Well, what's all this about then? Well, back in 1987/1988 I was a student. One day I started to scribble and got rather carried away. Eventually, the scribble turned into maze number 1. So many people liked it that I did another. And another. And another.

A girl called Janet complained that all of my mazes were too difficult and she could not do them. Therefore, I deliberately made the 5th one easier so that she could do it. However, she still could not. That's as easy as they're getting - I'm not making them easier than that!

Anyway, enough of my waffle. I've included two versions of each maze. When printed on A4 paper, the smaller size will be at approx 100dpi and the larger size at approx 300dpi. Remember, these were not done on a computer but with a 0.35mm thick drawing pen and a straight edge. Oh, and plenty of Iron Maiden to keep the boredom away (these things took hours to draw).


Maze 1

Small image (367K) Large image (1369K)

Maze 2: "Plumber's Nightmare"

Small image (131K) Large image (380K)

Maze 3: "What Bruce'll Do For a Pint of Guinness"

Small image (171K) Large image (668K)

Maze 4: "Bruce Got Loose With a Spanner"

Small image (206K) Large image (590K)

Maze 5: "Dr Johnson's Macaroni Cheese"

Small image (142K) Large image (637K)