Just what IS a Klacklerongle?

The quest continues for the meaning of the klacklerongle; it is one of the world's great mysteries and has absolutely nothing to do with peanut butter sandwiches whatsoever.

In an attempt to solve the mystery of the mighty klacklerongle, we decided to approach Professor Edmund B Flowertruck of the Secret Society of Tomato Slicers (SSTS) to shed some light on the subject. In a flash of inspiration while using a razor blade to cut the thinest slice of tomato you could possibly imagine he uttered these earth-shattering words:

"fuck off"

Clearly, the man is completely insane.

The klacklerongle is a unique invention never been tested between human thighs. In the words of Obbajeebob The Great, leader of the Enkirorks of the North, it is a "very strange device that won't carry much shopping."

We asked Obbajeebob to be a little more descriptive but all he could say was "ooh ooh aah aah eee eee ooh." We think it got him.

... and here we find Iggiemarma, Great Marma-Thingy of the Enkirorks of the North, wife of Obbajeebob The Great, offering us this simple explanation:

"It's a device for preventing the perusal of unwanted documents in my furry little briefcase - protection from that randy bast**d over in the corner there, the dirty old sod. It's an ergonomically shaped mouse trap like device that fits in between me 'ol thighs. When the rapist pokes the cheese he gets a nasty surprise."

We asked Obbajeebob if he would like to say a few words on the subject but all he could say was "ooh ooh aah aah eee eee ooh" and then throw a bucket of ice cubes down his trousers. Strange man.