Some unfeasably large bellybutton fluff

Different people have different gifts.

Some people are very good at business. They spend their time cleverly making lots of money.

Some people are very good at eating. They end up incredibly fat.

Some people are very good at poking things. They end up making lots of money playing snooker, playing football or just spending a lot of time poking things very well.

I, on the other hand, seem to have developed a gift for generating bellybutton fluff.

I don't know why. I don't know how. It just happens.

Today, Tuesday 23 October 2007, I produced my finest achievement to date.

After just 10 hours wearing my Wish You Were Here t-shirt, I procuced exhibit A below. God knows how. The scale is in cm/mm. And there's a pencil. A Staedtler HB. Sharpened with a Stanley knife. Unless you've done it, you can't begin to believe how manly that feels.

Exhibit A

Here it is - a perfectly formed little felt disc, navally collected lint from my Wish You Were Here t-shirt. It'd be blue if it wasn't so black.